Sugar Factory ERP Applications

Sugar Factory ERP is a sugar management applications which contains taking sugar cane from farmers & all the operations of a sugar cane industry right from cane enrollment to the production of a sugar. Tips of farmers may be member or non-member region info, Agricultural property details, Picking, transporting details, shares, Deposit, amount & quality of sugar and cane charging etc. Various reports, which are, needed for day to day operations & MIS reports, appropriate from cane enrollment to financial statements, in thoroughly covers of the organization in smooth fashion.
Sugar Factory contains various modules like:

• Cane H & T Charging Module
• Shops Stock
• Shop Bookkeeping
• Godown Direction
• Payroll “HRD
• Share Bookkeeping
• Share Bookkeeping
• Accounting & Harvester Billing
• Bookkeeping & Transporters Charging
• Picking Program
• Inventory Control Direction (Shops, Purchase)
• Generation Tracking and Waste Management
• Sugar Sales (Sugar, Waste Material, etc sales advice and tendering procedure)
• Factory web site with discretionary on-line tendering facility, Charging info screen, Smashing
• Invoicing & Sugar Godown
• Payroll (Worker Private Info, PF, PT, Increment Details, Joining Details, etc)
• Time Office with Discretionary Biometric/Card reader Attendance System
• Leave Direction
• Working Price Module
• Machine Care Agenda (Care Management)
• Price Estimate Module
• Testing Laboratory Automation
• Inward “External Direction

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